The DMVNow portal uses its nationwide service presence to offer additional products and services in cooperation with other agencies. Virgos can obtain certified copies of Virginia life records (birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates) and hunting and fishing licenses through any DMV customer service center. E-ZPass toll transponders are available in select locations.


Begin your experience with the DMV at www.DMVNow.com, where you will complete over 40 DMV transactions and learn more about how to apply for a TRUE ID. The most visible and popular DMV products include driver, vehicle, and vehicle IDs. Individuals who need to complete other transactions must do so through the DMVNow login portal or by email. DMV employees issue licenses, ids, and secure records.

The DMV will also register it as part of a new initiative after completing an online registration renewal transaction to save taxpayers more than $ 500,000 per year. You can access the DMVNow portal at any time and update your subscription.

Who is eligible?

To receive registration renewal and test reminders, you must be the primary signer (the name on the registration if the vehicle is registered for more than one person).

You will not receive a reminder if your registration cannot be renewed (for example, it will not be renewed if your registration is suspended or revoked).

Does the email address I use for registration replace any other email address I previously provided to DMV?

Yes, the DMV only manages one email address for each customer. The email address that you provide to sign up for email reminders supersedes any email addresses that you have provided to us in the past.

How do I register while receiving a reminder to renew my registration?

You can update your electronic reminder signature to include email and/or text reminders, as well as paper reminders for your vehicle records. If your vehicle registration expires within the next 75 days, you may not receive a paper reminder.

How many emails do I receive?

The total number of emails you will receive depends on the number of registered vehicles and reminders of your driver’s license or not. For each identification, registration, and tracking card, you will receive three renewal reminders between 75 and 90 days, 45 and 60 days, and 30 and 45 days until the expiration date.

The former may appear too early, but an email error notifies the DMV in time to send out paper reminders. If you do not renew before it expires, you will receive a notification that your identification, registration, or exam has expired.