Service Process

The DMV document guide explains what to bring to the office to make your visit a success. This will take only a few minutes. When you are done, you will have a detailed checklist of documents to take with you to the DMV. You can also visit the official DMVNow portal for more information.


This Document Guide does not guarantee that the DMV will be able to process your transaction. Still, your documents must be reviewed in the office. The DMV seizes all documents that appear to be fraudulent for the DMV investigating authority to review. If you send a fraudulent document, you could be sued.

How do you manage services through DMVNow?

  • Send a copy of the documents you want to send (for example, subpoena, complaint, warrant, questioning, etc.) to DMV at the following address:
  • Virginia DMV Attn: Customer Records Work Center, 2300 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23269
  • You can email the documents to the DMV or request that the Richmond city sheriff or a private processing server be sent to the DMV in person.
  • Your deposit must be accompanied by the required fee of $ 28 per defendant.
  • Checks can be made payable to “DMV” or “DMV commissioner.”


Please note that the DMV is not authorized to provide legal advice. If you have any questions about the DMV representative subpoena or the documents you need to submit, please contact an attorney. You can even visit the official website for more information.

As a legal representative, if you have any questions about the DMV return process, please contact Customer Records / Legal Services at 804-367-6629.

Giving false testimony about a motion or any related evidence or testimony, or misleading or substituting such motion, or causing others to mislead or substitute it, is subject to criminal law and statute. Vehicles and traffic are punishable and can lead to the withdrawal or withdrawal of the driver’s license.

You can log into the DMVNow portal to receive email and/or SMS reminders before your driver’s license, license, registration, or inspection expires. The DMV will also register it as part of a new initiative after completing an online registration renewal transaction to save taxpayers more than $ 500,000 per year. You can update your subscription at any time.