Privacy is Gone, It’s Only a Matter of Time: Here’s What Malaysian Bank Customers Should Do

“Based on our recent customer survey conducted during MCO, two-thirds of our customers prefer using online channels for account opening, while 60% indicated that they are less inclined to visit the branch to perform their banking transactions given the current pandemic” SPOKESPERSON AT ALLIANCE BANK MALAYSIA For instance, digital marketing currently contributes up to 20% … Read more

Singapore’s Scarcity of E-Commerce Profits But a new platform aims to be an exception”in Southeast Asia

Buying digital gold isn’t all that different from purchasing the physical variety. You pay through an app, and a slice of gold corresponding to that value remains stored in a depository. Some services allow you to withdraw it and have it delivered. Others will only repurchase it from you for cash. Including traditional offline channels, … Read more

The cost of delivery was competitive, but the business and compliance burden–and ever-changing environment–was recalcitrant

With this, Walmart is assuming the strongest control of its overseas technology operations in its history. As an offshore technology development centre, India is core to this strategy, “enabling leverage, powering innovation and deliver at speed,” in the words of Suresh Kumar in an email to managers on 14 February. “India is at the centre … Read more

This excerpt from Fast Company highlights the key points involved in my argument

First, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused revenue uncertainty across industries, potentially eroding the viability of development centres if demand weakens drastically in the US. On the other hand, the protectionist mood in the US in an election year could make development centres even more important. On 22 June, US President Donald Trump instituted restrictions on … Read more

The Struggles of a Philippine-Based Online Seller and What You Can Do to Stay off the Radar of Tax Officials

The last time BIR issued a circular, Lazada was a year old and Southeast Asia’s e-commerce was exploding. The 2013 circular ordered online sellers and e-commerce platforms to register with the bureau, file income taxes and withhold VAT on sales. Shopee entered the market in 2015—first as a consumer-to-consumer play then eventually rivalling Lazada—and soon, … Read more

What Is The Story Line In Into AMTD’s Spiderverse?

The Singapore-based company, which specialises in QR code payment solutions, rapidly expanded out into the rest of Southeast Asia in the last five years. It now has over 10,000 clients and has been appointed an authorised partner of Chinese super app WeChat. FOMO Pay even counts major regional brands such as international hotpot chain HaiDiLao, … Read more

What is Into AMTD’s Singapore Spiderverse?  What Makes It Different from Other MMO Games?

Now, it’s spinning a similar web in Singapore. The island nation has long rivalled Hong Kong as the region’s pre-eminent financial hub. But with civil unrest sweeping Hong Kong and China looking to clamp down on the city-state’s autonomy, Singapore has emerged the clear favourite. In fact, Hong Kong dropped three places to sixth, just … Read more

10 Tips on How to Start the Term Life Insurance Journey with Mixed Experiences

In a post-Covid world, micro-insurance addresses flexibility in cash flow, says Income’s chief digital officer Peter Tay. A product like SNACK can lower the entry barrier for consumers to build up their insurance portfolio, despite diverse financial backgrounds. In addition, the top three banks in Singapore by total assets—DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, United Overseas Bank … Read more

Know What Issues You Might Face on WhatsApp and How to Overcome Them!

While this makes WhatsApp a great alternative for online retail, it could also be a downside. A personalised experience means companies have to entice customers to reach out to them since sharing promotional messages on WhatsApp is not allowed. WhatsApp is also not a discovery platform like Amazon and Flipkart, where people could just browse … Read more

This post is intended to be a beginner’s guide to WhatsApp Business account management. It focuses on fundamentals of maintaining a robust and profitable profile for prospective entrepreneurs in India.

Though WhatsApp launched Business in 2018, offering SMEs a chance to integrate with the app’s API , WhatsApp also controls who gets in. As we’ve discussed in our previous story, once a business signs up for API integration, WhatsApp vets the business with its business solution partner, which works with enterprises. Once the API request … Read more