Making an appointment through the DMVNow website is the most direct way to get an appointment. Our agents at the DMV Direct call center can schedule an appointment, but they also use this site and see the same availability as you. Our representatives cannot create new appointments outside of the available calendar appointments.


New citation blocks on the DMVNow portal are posted several times an hour. Cancellations can also create availability at the beginning of the calendar. If you don’t see any availability, all the appointment blocks that have been booked are currently full. We recommend that you periodically check current availability.

Do you need to visit DMVNow? Most services can be performed online or by email, but if you need to contact us, please make an appointment for a convenient service. Appointments are required and available for certain services that generally require personal assistance. Customers should use other methods of service whenever possible.

Which Services Are Offered On The Portal?

DMVNow’s mobile offices are expanding to serve more customers throughout the community. Visit a DMV Connect or DMV 2 Go to:

  • Driver’s license and identity card
  • Title and recordings
  • dishes
  • Controller files
  • Signs or placards for disabled parking spaces
  • Address changes
  • To verify
  • Facts about life in Virginia, including birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates
  • E-ZPass transponder
  • Hunting and fishing license
  • And much more!


DMV Connect can process securities transactions but cannot print securities. Titles processed by DMV Connect are shipped to customers. DMVNow’s mission is to develop the skills of people with disabilities and provide them with sustainable and appropriate employment opportunities that lead to greater independence.

The Virginia DMV is a valuable resource. The DMVNow portal is at your disposal if you want to take care of anything related to driving or public transport services such as registrations, extensions, and tickets. While many of their services are available online, you will need to visit a local office in person to complete tasks such as applying for a new driver’s license or owning a newly purchased vehicle.

The Virginia DMV online office locator will show you where each of its many offices are located, and you can search by zip code to find the office that’s right for you. You will also find all the contact information you need to get in touch with the various agencies in Virginia.