Impact of New Employees at Amazon on the Future of Push-back Against Suppliers’ Practices

Krasnov also claims that more than 50% of Filipinos with bank accounts are dissatisfied with existing services. Neobanks have a huge potential of stealing those banked customers. That’s why incumbents have no choice but to defend their turf. International bank groups CIMB of Malaysia and ING of the Netherlands were the first to launch digital … Read more

The Danger of Trying to Specialize for an Ever-changing Colossal

“Computer accessories products grow consistently year-over-year. Keyboards, mouse and webcams—sales for these products don’t go down. It might be 10-15% growth per year, it’s still a very big market. When exclusivity is a bigger number game with a bigger player, why not be exclusive?,” a senior executive at an Accelerator brand said, declining to be … Read more