Privacy is Gone, It’s Only a Matter of Time: Here’s What Malaysian Bank Customers Should Do

“Based on our recent customer survey conducted during MCO, two-thirds of our customers prefer using online channels for account opening, while 60% indicated that they are less inclined to visit the branch to perform their banking transactions given the current pandemic” SPOKESPERSON AT ALLIANCE BANK MALAYSIA For instance, digital marketing currently contributes up to 20% … Read more

10 Mind Blowing Scenarios that Hypothetically Could Happen Due to Lack of KYC Procedures in Malaysian Banks

For solutions providers, this means an opportunity to partner with banks and other financial institutions to roll out e-KYC. Remittance service providers received regulatory approval to implement e-KYC as early as late-2017. And although the regulatory guidelines for banks came much later, banks already began to trial solutions with third-party vendors or started experimenting with … Read more

Regulatory Framework and Challenges that have given protection to well-entrenched incumbents

With the state-owned firm still to make the first move, private digital gold companies are in wait-and-see mode. This signals that they’re willing to comply, but they want it to be a level playing field. “Bappebti’s rules are acceptable for us,” says Indogold’s Sjuriah, who also points out the tough requirements set by the regulatory … Read more

Indonesian e-commerce “struggling to generate profit”

If prices continue to rise, as they have steadily over the years in Indonesia, your gold balance will also grow. When the first private digital gold players cropped up, they had a variety of business licences. Then, in 2018, the Ministry of Trade put out a framework for the exchange of physical gold that also … Read more

Singapore’s Scarcity of E-Commerce Profits But a new platform aims to be an exception”in Southeast Asia

Buying digital gold isn’t all that different from purchasing the physical variety. You pay through an app, and a slice of gold corresponding to that value remains stored in a depository. Some services allow you to withdraw it and have it delivered. Others will only repurchase it from you for cash. Including traditional offline channels, … Read more

Managing a Multi-billion Dollar Business in the Digital Age

Yeshab Giri, director of staffing and head of Randstad Technologies, says the demand for hiring has picked up in the past quarter. Randstad helps companies—both service providers and captive facilities—with IT staffing as well as IT projects on contracts. “After COVID-19, there is a lot of focus on offshoring because cost has now taken centre … Read more

I start off by making a connection to the audience here by referencing a familiar topic

American companies are now actively competing for product development and design talent from India for their captive centres while reorganising their technology operations. In Walmart’s case, one of its big problems in catching up with Amazon on the tech front is that Amazon has common platforms across the world—be it for shopping, or cloud services … Read more

The cost of delivery was competitive, but the business and compliance burden–and ever-changing environment–was recalcitrant

With this, Walmart is assuming the strongest control of its overseas technology operations in its history. As an offshore technology development centre, India is core to this strategy, “enabling leverage, powering innovation and deliver at speed,” in the words of Suresh Kumar in an email to managers on 14 February. “India is at the centre … Read more

This excerpt from Fast Company highlights the key points involved in my argument

First, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused revenue uncertainty across industries, potentially eroding the viability of development centres if demand weakens drastically in the US. On the other hand, the protectionist mood in the US in an election year could make development centres even more important. On 22 June, US President Donald Trump instituted restrictions on … Read more

What are the Legal Outcomes of Receiving a Tax Summons? A Seller’s Dilemma

Nevertheless, BIR’s Guballa wants to encourage small sellers to register. Tsai says this will help the government capture the information for “census” purposes. “Our gross domestic product is probably a lot understated because we have all these businesses that are not registered.” Speeding up the process Before, the BIR used to require small business owners … Read more